What are your real costs?
Here Are Some Questions

* Do you know that FOB is a better method to buy your goods and services? 

* Do you know that rail service today is a better economic choice vs truck moving cargo coast to coast in the US/Canada ?

* At  what weight or size of a shipment do you save more money utilizing Truckload  vs LTL pricing ?

* How much does it really cost you to deliver your goods from the moment the order is placed?

* Do you get real time tracing on ALL your shipments?

* How many trucking companies do you presently use?

* Have you ever asked to make 'it' happen only to hear - ' we can't do that' ?

We Can Give You Expert Answers

Tell us any scenario you desire in the market place to make your business successful and we promise you the answers that will guide you to make an educated and calculated decision on ALL the costs associated with your tranpsortation process.

If you tell us where you want to place your product by state, province, or country - our professional team will put together a program to make you more competitive in the marketplace and insure better placement and service to your clients.